Who we are: The Flannick Lab is a diverse group of students, trainees, research staff, and engineers based at Boston Children’s HospitalHarvard Medical School, and the Broad Institute. We are affiliated with the Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics PhD track.

What we study: We develop computational approaches to use human genetics to understand or better treat human diseases. We are primarily interested in methods for calculating “genetic support” – the likelihood that any given gene plays a role in a disease of interest. This deceptively deep problem involves modeling disease genetic architecture, developing new statistical and Bayesian inferential methods, integrating common and rare variant associations alongside various ‘omic data types, and understanding the shared molecular etiologies of diseases with similar symptoms.

What we build: We are perhaps most well known as the coordinating center and development site for the Knowledge Portal Network, a series of genomic knowledge portals headlined by the NIDDK AMP-CMD Knowledge Portal and the NHGRI Association to Function Knowledge Portal. We are also responsible for the NIH Common Fund Data Ecosystem Knowledge Center, and we are a Knowledge Provider for the NCATS Biomedical Translator.

What we publish: We have historically focused on the contribution of rare coding variants to type 2 diabetes, the findings from which have led to our current interests. See slides from a seminar outlining the connection.

Prospective members: If you are considering beginning or continuing a career in genomic research, we are here to help! We are always seeking bright and motivated students, trainees, or scientists at any career stage, with no prior experience in biology or computer science required. Read our primer for some thoughts on how to enter the field, what you should hope to get out of a research experience at each career stage, and how our lab fits within the broader Boston/Cambridge research culture. Please also feel free to contact us.